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Executive & International Talent Search

We have crossed the seven seas.

We have made the world our home.

We offer years of experience in top-level and worldwide talent sourcing and acquisition. With Seven Seas we bring all of our know-how and competences together in a dedicated center of excellence for Executive Search and International Search.

A smooth sea
never made a skilled sailor.

Across the
Seven Seas

[əˈkrɒs ðə ˈsɛvn siːz] phrase

1. a phrase that refers to the oceans of the sea. Nowadays the term “seven seas” is a shorthand for “all the seas and oceans”.

These “seven seas” carried various meanings throughout history and across cultures. Each civilization understood it differently, through the lens of their religion, culture, and the places they knew. 

2. to have sailed ~ ; to be well travelled, experienced, to be a person of the world; meaning you can be trusted for advice.

Our consultants cover a wide range of industries and various fields of expertise for profiles in top level and specialist positions, both on a national and international level.

Curious about typical projects and assignments we have been working on? Then do not hesitate to ask us about some of our campaigns and success stories.

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