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At Seven Seas we focus on Senior Management & Executives and on Middle- and Top Level roles with strategic oversight or business critical expertise. Our specialist consultants cover various fields of expertise with projects and assignments in a wide range of sectors and industries.


We believe in a research driven approach and in rigorous search methodologies. As pioneers in innovative Candidate Generation Strategies, we’ve developed powerful Direct Approach solutions, required in today’s competitive and candidate driven market. It is our commitment to find the best talent, whatever it takes.

“It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage.”

– George William Curtis

Why choose Seven Seas
as your Executive Search partner?

We spend more time researching potential candidates, continuously assessing their expectations, objectives and drivers. Our highly personalized approach establishes a climate of mutual respect and confidence. We succeed in persuading exceptional talent to make a career-enhancing move and to share information with us.


Our specialist teams can focus on a particular industry or business function. We are prepared to look beyond borders to engage the best talent.

Man cannot discover
new oceans
unless he has the courage
to lose sight of the shore.

Your Benefits

  • Results & efficiency, based on preliminary market analysis, planning and strategy development.
  • Privileged access to exclusive talent pools and established industry networks.
  • Continuous process- and quality control with extensive feedback in all stages of the procedure.
  • High-level networking-  sourcing- and talent mapping strategies.
  • Reinforcement of your employer brand.

Our Process

Before launching the campaign we take time to understand your specific hiring need,  company culture, market offering, mission and values.  Together with you we will establish the profile of the ideal prospective candidate and advise on the best Search strategy and roadmap.


We will create an extensive Candidate Briefing Pack with detailed information about the client company & organisation, the role, requirements, package etc. We consider this document as an effective way of adding value and impact to our communication with higher level candidates.

In view of building the Candidate Pool and Target List our dedicated research team will engage in consulting our internal database and privileged networks and in thoroughly scanning the market and external resources.

By continuously improving and fine-tuning our communication methods and tactics we succeed in effectively approaching, mobilising and persuading the ideal candidate.


Pre-screening of candidates by interactive calls and extensive questionnaires is followed by in-depth face-to-face interview sessions, in-house or on-location.

After a rigorous process of filtering, only the strongest candidates are put forward for further steps and client interviews. We will prepare comprehensive reports on all shortlisted candidates and our recommendations will help you prepare the next stage.

We will take care of all the practical aspects and logistical arrangements of your own interviews. After this internal selection round we will support your decisionmaking process by providing a range of services and methods including psychometric testing, reference checks and personality profiling. For an even deeper insight into the suitability of the candidate we offer world-class Executive Assessment with extensive written and oral reporting.

Aligning the candidate’s expectations with the client’s offer is a crucial part of the procedure. Our consultants will advise on terms that are mutually accepted. We will assist both parties in reaching a commercial agreement and win-win settlement.

If needed we can advise on employment law, contracts and remuneration benchmarking.

We will take care giving extensive feedback to candidates not offered the position.

As holder of Federgon’s RSS Quality Label, we provide a systematic and consistent follow-up and evaluation of each recruitment. After 3 and 6 months of employment, employer and recruited candidate are questioned in writing about their satisfaction, integration, cooperation and other parameters.

Our Fields of Expertise

Positions in governmental departments, cities & municipalities, law enforcement, public safety, cultural institutions, education, social- & non-profit etc.

Positions in transport, expedition, forwarding, distribution, supply chain etc.

Positions in the oil & gas industry, mining, metals & minerals, renewables, green energy etc.

Positions in manufacturing, infrastructure, engineering, MRO, R&D etc.

Positions in FMCG, marketing & advertising services, travel & hospitality, media & entertainment, sports & leisure etc.

Positions in ICT, digital media, cloud & streaming solutions, telecom, mobile infrastructure, unified communication, smart city infrastructure etc.

Positions in pharmaceutics, biotechnology, medical devices, hospitals etc.

Positions in banking & insurance, regulatory & legal affairs, lobbying, real estate, asset management, trade associations, consulting etc.

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