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Seven Seas Talent Search is a specialised division for Executive & International Talent Search for Search & Selection, expert in HR since 1977.


Search & Selection is founding member of the Belgian Federation of HR service providers Federgon, division RS&S, holder of the certification RSS Quality Label and qualified provider of the SME-portfolio for Advice (DV.A241580) and Development (DV. O241579) .

We evaluate each project on a set of relevant quality parameters with a systematic survey for our clients, as well as a structured report by the consultants themselves.  Seven Seas meets the conditions applicable to professional expertise in personality research worldwide. All personality studies are conducted under the responsibility of trained psychologists.

Our Story

The world is a vast space, connecting all continents through its seven seas. Historically, the term ‘Seven Seas’ refers to the bodies of water on which trader ships navigated to every continent. But this term has evolved throughout the years, taking on a more figurative meaning with which an experienced sailor is described who has navigated all the seas and thus has discovered the world.

In modern times, this term is no longer limited to the context of navigation and sailing. We, at Seven Seas, are also experienced ‘navigators’ with a vast knowledge of international and business consulting and search. We know our way around the world. The world is our home.


But not only can we navigate our way through complex search actions, we are also capable of navigating the right candidate towards the right position at the right company and vice versa. As the North Star helped many a sailor navigate their way back home, we happily take on this role for organisations and candidates. This is what makes Seven Seas your trusted compass in a world of talent. We steer individuals towards new challenges and opportunities at cutting-edge organisations.


We are a seaworthy, capable and trustworthy team who even dares to take on the toughest of storms with difficult-to-fill positions and search projects. The world is your oyster, and at Seven Seas we make sure you grasp the best potentials for a smooth sailing future.

Professional Values

  • Loyalty & Exclusivity: Accepting only a limited number of non-conflicting missions enables better preparation and monitoring of each campaign for improved results and service.
  • Clear Communication: Seven Seas attaches great importance to clear and unambiguous recruitment communication by a single core team of expert consultants.
  • Confidence: Our meticulous and careful approach establishes a climate of confidence and mutual trust in our interactions with prospective candidates.
  • Wide Focus: Our search campaigns strategically focus on a larger pool of potential candidates. This includes exploring valuable sources of more latent (inactive) talent.
  • Sustained Commitment: At Seven Seas, we firmly believe that successful recruitment requires a peristent and thorough approach. Undeterred by the difficulties of the mission, we continue our search until it yields a positive result.
  • Qualitative Approach: Throughout the procedure we continuously monitor quality and efficiency of all our actions and communications.
  • Respect: At Seven Seas, clients and candidates are treated with equal respect. We proudly consider ourselves as ambassadors for your employer brand.

Our Key Team


Marc Van Beethoven

Marc has been an asset for Seven Seas with more than 30 years of Executive & International Search experience. He has helped numerous companies with hiring management, specialist and top-level positions, going from Antwerp to Hong Kong and beyond.

Managing Consultant

+32 495 81 90 77


Ilse Pierloot

Ilse joined us 25 years ago. She is the go-to person for projects that make a difference for our clients ranging from senior management roles to specialist hard-to-fill positions. 

Managing Consultant

+32 495 33 15 14




“A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.”

– Grace Hopper

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