Signode Industrial Group - Executive & International Search

Signode is a leading transit-packaging provider, established in 1916. With over 9,000 employees worldwide and more than 80 manufacturing facilities across six continents, their recruitment process is a real endeavour.

Since 2002, Signode has relied on the expertise of our senior consultants to find and select the people who have the same values and principles and can continue the story of Signode for future generations.

Seven Seas has done over 30 search projects for Signode Industrial Group in the last two decades. These search projects include:

  • Full recruitment procedure
  • Database recruitment
  • Direct & Executive search
  • Screening & assessment
  • Multi-country search
  • In-country search

Benefits of a longterm collaboration

  • Centralised approach with a trusted and dedicated team as a single point of contact.
  • Minimal time-to-market: no tenders, no negotiations…
  • Better results by accumulated knowledge about the group and the company’s needs and requirements.
  • Shorter communication lines, higher efficiency and consistency, and streamlined procedures.
  • Anticipation: better strategic planning of hirings by mapping short and longterm needs.
  • Pro-activity: creation and management of recruitment pools for constant hiring needs.
  • Employer branding: better exposure and more impact by uniformity in recruitment communication.
  • Benchmarking: higher success ration by accumulated feedback on successful hirings and placements.

Longterm success story

The past two decades were a success story for both Seven Seas and Signode Industrial Group. The main positions we helped fill were sales and marketing positions. Our success ratio is high, with short-time-to-fill rates of less than 90 days on average. We received high levels of satisfaction with our SIG-clients and candidates regarding matching, expectations and integration.

Our mission for our collaboration with SIG is to further support them in achieving excellence in talent acquisition, recruitment best practices and employer branding.


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